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Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day

24/03/2017 - 10:00 - 19:00

The Sustainable Development Goals, announced in November 2015 by the United Nations, created a set of 17 goals that include all countries and people to create a sustainable and viable world for the future of humankind. These 17 goals were co-created and ratified by all UN member states and address big topics that the UN would like to solve by 2030.

G3iD, a Swiss association, founded in June 2016, comprises individuals from several organisations, many working in Innovation labs across Greater Geneva. Innovation labs are where revolutionary innovations and collaborative work takes place. With the SDG announcement of its goals for 2030 being set, a group immediately formed saying that 2030 wasn't ambitious enough. The group hatched a plan to create an innovation day in Geneva that speed ups innovations to achieve the SDGs.

G3id is a one day event with interactive installations for the public to experience the different ways innovation takes form. One of the participants, Flowminder is an example of innovation at work to achieve the SDGs. Flowminder combines big data and machine learning to map out distributions and characteristics of vulnerable populations in lowand middle-income countries. Such information has been revolutionary in saving lives. Their detailed maps create relevant data sets of places incredibly difficult to assess, such as Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, or how to coordinate a vaccination campaign in Nigeria. 

Sponsors include: The Barret Values Centre, ITC, Impact Hub Geneva, Pangloss Labs, The Port, The Geneva Creativity Centre,

Partners include: UNOG, The Perception Change Project, CERN Ideasquare, FerneyMUN, Après Genève,

Solutions are coming from International organisations such as: Better Shelter, WCSBD, IISD, The Earth Focus Foundation, ILO, Huridocs, and Flowminder. 


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