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Incentivizing the Grand Challenges

11/11/2016 - 09:45 - 16:30

Generating Solution Concepts for Addressing Climate Change and other Global Problems 

Solving Grand Challenges, such as climate change, global health or population growth, will require large-scale initiatives to foster technological innovation and diffusion.

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform is convening a meeting to discuss the ways in which societies can solve the most intractable problems of our times.  How do we create food for ten or twelve billion people?  Where will the energy innovations come from to solve climate change?  What incentives are necessary to generate new vaccines and antibiotics?

An expert panel and public forum will meet to discuss the various policies and approaches to solving these problems:   Should we subsidize high-tech industries?  Develop public policies to encourage new ventures in these areas?  Should governments sponsor contests or prizes?  Should large government agencies be directed to meet these goals?  What will work to generate solutions?  What is politically acceptable?  What can do this in time?
Importantly, if we find solutions to these problems, how will they be provided to those countries that need them most, or those that can afford them least?  Who will pay for these transfers? 

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform, CIES and its Sinergia Partners invite you to join us for a day of discussion on how various policies must be directed to moving technologies in specific directions.   

Invited experts: 

  • Jakob Edler, Manchester Business School
  • Carsten Fink, WIPO
  • Timo Goeschl, University of Heidelberg
  • Nick Johnstone, OECD
  • Keith Maskus, University of Colorado 
  • Pierre Mohnen, University of MaastrichtJoost 
  • Pauwelyn, IHEID
  • Ben Simmons, GGKP
  • Margaret Taylor, Stanford University
  • Elena Verdolini, FEEM
  • Reinhilde Veugelers, University of Leuven

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Graduate Institute, Auditorium Ivan Pictet B, Maison de la paix