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Dina Ionesco


As part of the International Women's Day 2016 a call for nominations for Geneva-based inspirational women working to protect the environment was launched in February 2016. A total of 160 submissions were received, including women working for inter-governmental, non-governmental, governmental and business organizations, academic institutions and civil society. A committee selected 20 of these inspirational women to be part of an exhibition celebrating their achievements, launched on 8 March 2016, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Dina IONESCO was among the 20 women selected.

As Head of the Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division of IOM, Dina’s work aims to bring climate migrants into the spotlight and to equip migration and climate policymakers with the tools to respond to environmental migration challenges and opportunities. Dina has expanded IOM’s environment portfolio, leading the establishment of a dedicated Division and inputs instrumental to the inclusion of migration in the Paris Climate Agreement. Dina considers that freedom, creativity, trust, competence and fun are crucial to good management and she is tremendously proud of her team, comprised of remarkable female professionals. Dina’s passion for migration arises from her early experience as a political refugee in France, escaping with her family from Romania. Dina is married and has two sons, aged 5 and 8. They are her daily motivators to care and act: “We have the power to influence what air future generations will respire and what values will prevail”, says Dina.