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Green Growth Knowledge Platform


11-13 chemin des Anémones
CH-1219 Châtelaine
Geneva - Switzerland 

+41 22 917 8094

Amanda McKee, Rena Gashumba 


The Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) is a global network of international organisations and experts that identifies and addresses major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice.

By encouraging widespread collaboration and world class research, the GGKP offers practitioners and policymakers the policy guidance, good practices, tools and data necessary to support the transition to a green economy.

The GGKP was established in January 2012 by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank.

This group has since expanded to include a large, diverse group of Knowledge Partners, comprising leading institutions and organisations active in areas related to green growth and green economy at the local, national, regional, and international levels.


Type d'organisation: 
Organisations intergouvernementales
January 2012
Head: Benjamin Simmons

The GGKP's mission is twofold:

1. Identify and address major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice by promoting collaboration and coordinated research; and
2. Use world class knowledge management and communication tools to give practitioners and policymakers the policy analysis, guidance, information and data necessary to support a green economy transition.

To accomplish this mission the GGKP has adopted the following strategy:

Increasing impact through collaboration and coordination.

The GGKP's ethos is that knowledge leads to lasting impact and that investing in its generation and dissemination leads to concrete results. It is a results-orientated initiative that emphasises a practical orientation for research grounded in the belief that the best policy can only emerge from close collaboration amongst researchers, practitioners, policymakers and the private sector. By disseminating the best solutions, and the most recent research and data, the GGKP provides the foundation for transiting to a green economy.

Empowering others through knowledge sharing and management.

The GGKP is a leading global platform that empowers and energises others to take action by creating and sharing the best research and tools for green growth. The GGKP draws together the green growth community, initiating and coordinating green growth analysis resulting in strengthened international cooperation.

Scalability is at the heart of GGKP. By investing in innovative communications such as a robust social media presence through Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube; and the "Insights" blog, the GGKP allows green growth experts to share their perspective on recent research, increase the impact of their work, and promote upcoming events or newly launched projects. The GGKP measures its impact through the actions taken by governments and leading policymakers to realise a greener future that benefits all.


The GGKP cooperates with international organisations, national governments, policymakers, practitioners, the academic community and the private sector. 


• Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Report 2012-2013
• Moving Towards a Common Approach on Green Growth Indicators
• Green Growth: Lessons from Growth Theory
• From Growth to Green Growth: A Framework
• Green Growth, Technology and Innovation 

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