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Florencia Verdi is a Research Assistant at the Basel Rotterdam Stockholm Convention secretariat.

Florencia performs documentary research and provides assistance for the selection and access to data and information on scientific and technical issues relevant to the BRS conventions. She assists in the planning and implementation of the collection, compilation and aggregation of data and information, as needed for the implementation of the BRS Secretariat’s work plan. She also assists with data quality control related to the national reporting under the Basel and Stockholm conventions, and is responsible for the processing and publication of scientific and technical documentation submitted by Parties.

Florencia joined UNEP in 2001. She has served the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention since 2006 and the BRS Secretariat since its inception. She holds a diploma in chemical engineering from the University of San Marcos in Lima; a post-graduate degree in development studies, with a specialization in sustainable development from the University of Geneva; and a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in Lausanne. She also holds certificates in information systems, and web design and management, obtained respectively in Lima and Geneva. Florencia is fluent in English, French and Spanish.