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Muralee Thummarukudy is currently the Operations Manager at the Crisis Management Branch of United Nations Environment Programme.

Since Joining the UN Environment Programme in 2003, Muralee has been involved in dealing with crises responses in all major disasters and conflicts in this century. Muralee has dealt with the environmental issues associated with conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Liberia, Sudan and occupied Palestinian territories. Muralee has also dealt with environmental issues caused by tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, oil spill and explosion of ammunition dumps around the world. With more than twenty-five years of international experience in the field of Environmental Management in Crises situations, Muralee is one of world’s leading authorities on this topic and frequently lectures in universities around the world on the topic. Between 1995-2003, Muralee was corporate advisor to Shell operated oil companies in Brunei and Oman.

Muralee holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is an Alumnus of the International Leadership Academy (United Nations University) and also attended University of California, Berkley for the Beaher’s Environmental Leadership Programme.