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Juliane Drews is the Change Manager at UNAIDS.

Juliane Drews oversees UNAIDS’ flagship programmes to reach gender parity and empower women, working with great personal energy and commitment to making gender equality a reality. Juliane also champions her passion for sustainability as member of UNAIDS Environment Working Group and co- organizer of the Green Cinéforum. Her own activities demonstrate that everyone can contribute to these causes through their daily choices. In her role as People Development Officer, Juliane designs, implements and coordinates learning activities for all UNAIDS staff from young talents to senior leaders.

As Co-Chair of the Geneva Learning Network, a forum for UN professionals based in Geneva and involved in learning, training and staff development, she leads the development of an interagency Programme for Emerging Women Leaders. Juliane’s professional experience includes assignments in Sofia, Budapest, Bethlehem and Turin.

She holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Freie Universität Berlin. Juliane also received the “Gender and Environment Advocate in Geneva” award in 2017.