What's Up in #GENeva this week?

30 September - 6 October 2019


Healthy Planet for Healthy People: Time to Act!

The sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People- an integrated assessment considering various scientific perspectives and inputs from across the world in a holistic manner - calls on decision makers to take immediate action to address pressing environmental issues to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as well as other Internationally Agreed Environment Goals, such as the Paris Agreement.

This flagship report released this year, shows how governments can put the world on the path to a truly sustainable future. It emphasizes that urgent and inclusive action is needed by decision makers at all levels to achieve a healthy planet with healthy people. A presentation of the assessment, specially focusing on the pathways to a healthy planet for healthy people, is organized within the framework of the Geneva Environment Network at the International Environment House II, on Thursday 3 October, at 10am. Join the discussion, it's time to act! #GEO6


Sustainable Cities Week

Events during the UNECE Sustainable Cities Week 2019 will discuss progress and challenges related to the implementation of recent international agreements such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the New Urban Agenda and the Geneva UN Charter for Sustainable Housing. National and local Government representatives from the 56 UNECE member States, as well as representatives of private sector, academia and civil society, will attend the 80th session of the UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management (2-4 October 2019) and other events. #SustainableCitiesWeek2019


We Are Watching: An Initiative by a Geneva Artivist

WE ARE WATCHING by Geneva artivist Dan Acher is a flag the size of a 10-storey building. It is made up of thousands of portraits from around the globe - 115 countries are represented to date - and represents a monumental eye. Starting in Santiago during UNFCCC COP25, the flag will fly directly over key climate events around the world, holding world leaders accountable as they decide the future of our planet. #WEAREWATCHING


More on the Agenda: Climate, Plastic, Water & OUtdoor Activities

Check the list below to see what is on the agenda this week and the job opportunities in the region. There are still places available for the Plastics Pollution Hackathon, join the adventure!
Please note that the list of events and vacancies provided in our weekly newsletter is non-exhaustive. Stay tuned and follow us also on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, or visit our website regularly for additional updates.


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Agenda /

The events taking place this week

4th Meeting of the Environmental Network for Optimizing Regulatory Compliance on Illegal Traffic

30 September - 1 October

ENFORCE brings together existing resources & enhancing & improving cooperation & coordination among entities to deliver capacity-building activities & tools on preventing & combating illegal traffic.

International Environment House I
Room 2



1 October - 4 October

Events will discuss progress & challenges on the implementation of recent international agreements such as Agenda 2030, the New Urban Agenda & Geneva UN Charter for Sustainable Housing.

Palais des Nations

Sixth meeting of the Task Force on Access to Information under the Aarhus Convention

2 Octobber - 4 October

Expected to take stock of recent & upcoming developments with regard to public access to information on: emissions; restrictions on access to information; protection of whistle-blowers & other persons.

Palais des Nations

Launch - Narratives of Hunger in International Law

2 October

Book exploring the role that the language of international law plays in constructing understandings of hunger in the context of climate change. Story told through genetically engineered seeds case.

Maison de la Paix
Auditorium A2



3 October - 4 October

Define problems & solutions to be tested in 6-week innovation projects, to produce 10 high-quality concepts contributing to efforts to reduce plastics consumption, production & pollution.

SDG Solution Space
Avenue de Sécheron 15

Expert Forum
on Climate change-related statistics


3 Octobber - 4 October

How to develop official statistics to respond to the data reporting requirements relating to climate change that arise from global agreements (Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework & Agenda 2030).

Palais des Nations

The Sixth
Global Environment


3 October

This flagship report shows how governments can put the world on the path to a truly sustainable future. It emphasizes that urgent and inclusive action is needed by decision makers at all levels.

International Environment
House II

Is the 2015 Paris Agreement likely to achieve its goals? A skeptical assessment

3 October

The CIES Lunch Seminar Series is a series of interdisciplinary research seminars on environmental, natural resources and development issues.

Maison de la Paix
Room P1-847

Water as a Matter of Survival: Launch of the global media platform “The Water Diplomat”

4 October

In partnership with OOSKAnews, the Geneva Water Hub has created «The Water Diplomat», a free monthly news and intelligence resource accessible online and through a newsletter.

Club Suisse de la Presse
La Pastorale

Fête de l'Abeille
et du Terroir


5 October

Manifestation tout-public rassemblant une multitude d’acteurs du terroir local, conçue dans le but de promouvoir le développement durable de ludiquement.

Ville de Lancy
Parc Navazza-Oltramare

Aventure 21
Incarnez des détectives dans l'Affaire Tout


5 October - 6 October

Vivez une enquête et découvrez plusieurs lieux à Genève qui s’engagent contre les changements climatiques. Plongez dans une enquête, vivez une aventure.

Ville de


Vacancies /

Job opportunities in the region

Chemicals of Concerns
in Products

Deadline 30 September

UN Environment
Chemicals & Health Branch
(through UNOPS)



Deadline 1 October

UN Environment
Finance Initiative


Deadline 2 October

Basel, Rotterdam
and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat

Lead Diplomatic and International Relationship Specialist

Deadline 3 October

Water Hub
(University of Geneva)

Fiscal Policy

Deadline 6 October

UN Environment
Resources and Markets


Deadline 6 October

World Wildlife Fund
(WWF International)


Deadline 6 October

UN Environment
Law Division
(InforMEA Team)

Working Group

Deadline 7 October

UN Environment
Finance Initiative

Evaluations and Operations Officer (World Heritage)

Deadline 13 October

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Public Information

Deadline 19 October

Minamata Convention
on Mercury

Executive Director


Deadline 22 October

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (through UNOPS)

Environmental Affairs
Officer (P3)
(Water Convention)

Deadline 26 October

UN Economic Commission
for Europe


Deadline 26 October

UN Environment
Corporate Services


Deadline 8 November

UN Environment
Europe Office

Economic Affairs
(Sustainable Energy)

Deadline 30 December

UN Economic Commission
for Europe

Project Lead,
New Nature Economy Report


World Economic Forum

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