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Executive Director, Sustainable Finance Geneva & Building Bridges

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Sandrine Salerno is the Executive Director of Sustainable Finance Geneva.


Sandrine Salerno has been the Executive Director of SFG since January 2021. SFG’s vision is to accelerate the transformation of the financial sector by setting ambitious environmental and social goals which is perfectly in line with Sandrine’s vision for the future of Geneva: an international city and the second-largest financial center in Switzerland.

Prior to that, she was Deputy of University Affairs at the Geneva’s Department of Education and a researcher at the University of Geneva. She started her career as the Deputy Chief of the European Third World Center and later became a Coordinator in the Swiss Immigrants’ Contact Center.

Sandrine is well known in Geneva for her commitment to the public good: she currently serves as a Member of the Board of Geneva Public Transport and Groupe Serbeco, as the Vice-President of the Grand Théâtre de Genève Opera, and as the President of the Puppet Theatre of Geneva. In the past she also dedicated herself to the CAP Prevoyance, as President of the Foundation Council, as well as to the FIPOI, as member of the Foundation Council. She holds a master’s degree in public policy assessment from the University of Geneva and has 13 years of experience in government as a member of the executive of the City of Geneva and the head of its Finance Department.