05 Déc 2023

Lieu: Palais Eynard, Geneva City Hall

Organisation: 2050Today

United by the vision of decarbonisation, 2050Today members have decided to take action to confront the challenges of climate change by implementing concrete measures. Permanent missions, international organisations and civil society entities have resolved to measure and work towards reducing their emissions while expressing their desire to work together for effective, inclusive and sustainable climate action. 2050Today hosted a Charter Signing Ceremony on 5 December 2023 at Palais Eynard.

About the 2050Today Charter

The purpose of the 2050Today Charter is to set a common framework with objectives and targets to be set individually by each institution in order to devise an individual action plan for the reduction of GHG emissions. It also proposes guidelines to help staff and suppliers understand the environmental and climate change issues surrounding all activities. It addresses in particular the possible implications on the energy used, the means of transport chosen, the products selected, the food offered, the ICT used, the waste produced, the biodiversity and the behavioral changes that might be required.

This Charter is also intended to communicate the participating institutions’ vision in terms of sustainable activities and practices, without prejudice to their legal frameworks and relevant strategies.

It aims at raising awareness and fostering action by all stakeholders, both internal (management and employees) and external (suppliers, partners, consumers, etc.).