17 Jan 2007

Lieu: International Environment House II (7-9 ch. de Balexert)

Organisation: Geneva Environment Network


Welcome by Gaetano Leone, Deputy Director, UNEP Regional Office for Europe

Introduction by the moderator, Franz Perrez, Head of Global Affairs, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Presentation by Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Policy Advisor to the Executive Director of UNEP

Session 1: Strengthening environmental coherence in the UN

  • Nik Kiddle, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of New Zealand
  • Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General, The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
  • Janos Pasztor, Officer-in-Charge, Project-based Mechanisms, Climate Change secretariat and incoming Chief, Environmental Management Group Secretariat

Session 2: Globalization: Bridging environmental and trade governance

  • Gordon Shepherd, Director of Global Policy, WWF International
  • Vesile Kulaçoglu, Director, Trade and Environment, World Trade Organization
  • Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Professor of International Law and Director of the Department of Public International Law and International Organization, Law Faculty, University of Geneva

Wrap-up by the moderator