09 Jul 2010

Lieu: International Environment House I | Room 3

Organisation: Geneva Environment Network

Screening of a documentary by Stefan Jarl featuring Eva Röse and 23 scientists, offering a testimony on the growing chemical burden human bodies carry.

UNEP Chemical and Waste Conventions organized within the framework of the Geneva Environment Network a new screening of “Submission : In defence of the unborn” on Friday 9 June at 12.30, at the International Environment House.

The screening was preceded by a 7-and-a-half minute short film presented by Safe Planet : the United Nations Campaign for Responsibility on Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes, under the working title : Safe Planet presents “Body Burden”.

The film

“Submission is a documentary about the ‘chemical society’ – the society we have been building since the Second World War. Back then, humans used 1 million tonnes of chemicals per year; the figure today is 500 million tonnes. The chemical industry is the fastest-growing industry in the world. The film is about the 100,000 chemicals we use every day, what they’re used for and what they do to us and our health. And I don’t mean food additives – I’m talking about chemicals we are exposed to in our daily environments: softeners (phthalates), flame retardants (PBDE), surfactants (PFOS, PFOA) and so on.” – Stefan Jarl.