19 Apr 2012

Lieu: International Environment House 2

Organisation: Geneva Environment Network

The Geneva Environment Network & the OneFuture-One Planet Project organized a Dialogue – connect, envision, engage, reflect and share The GLOBAL DIALOGUES Geneva.

The ‘Global Dialogues’ is an International Initiative that brings together individuals, organisations, networks and countries from all over the world in a shared intention to envision and create together a future and society where people and Nature flourish together. The Global Dialogues are held all over the world in the build up to two important International Conferences: Stockholm+40 in April and UN Conference Rio+20 in June. An International report, combining all the country reports will be presented to the UNCSD during Rio+20 in June. The aim of these dialogues is to inform and guide world leaders at these conferences, to take decisions in line with what we, as a society, want to create together.

For me information on The Global Dialogues: www.onefutureoneplanet.org
Teaser video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Gf7KFQBRo&feature=youtu.be