UNEP Geneva Staff Association (UNEGSA)

The United Nations Environment Programme Geneva (UNEP) staff association – UNEGSA – is the staff association for all UNEP staff in Geneva. It aims at representing you in all areas related to your conditions of service and welfare, together with the ‘Geneva Group’ of other staff representative bodies present in Geneva and within the UN system staff representatives worldwide, including Nairobi Staff Union.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

(a) To defend and promote the legitimate professional, social and economic interests of all staff members of the United Nations Environment Programme in Geneva, including of MEAs’ Secretariats administered by the UN Environment Programme, and including staff members formerly employed;

(b) To represent its Members in all negotiations and consultations, whether within the UN Environment Programme or interagency;

(c) To coordinate the activities of its Members and take any joint action that is in the general interest of its Members;

(d) To ensure mutual assistance between its Members;

(e) To promote the social, cultural and economic interests of the staff members as a whole through cooperative undertakings;

(f) To cooperate and ensure coordination with all federations of international civil servants associations, staff associations or unions or entities throughout the United Nations family with similar objectives.

UNEGSA Committee Members

Amélie Taoufiq

Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat, President

Ken Davis

Chemicals and Health Branch, Treasurer

Lina Fortelius

Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat, Committee Member (alternate)

Ken Maguire

UNEP Finance Initiative, General Secretary

Irene Ngigi-Kariuki

EMG, Social Welfare Officer

Anna Garcia Sans

Minamata Convention, Information and Liaison Officer

Diana Rizzolio

Europe Office / Geneva Environment Network

Useful Tools

Your concerns – To find the right place

Whether you have just joined or have been with the United Nations for a while, there may come a time when you will need advice and guidance, or want to appeal a decision regarding your terms and conditions of employment. The Roadmap will assist you with navigating the various offices and mechanisms available to you. It acts as a reference guide for staff members of the global Secretariat including those based in field missions. It is designed to empower and help guide you to the appropriate resource to address your concerns.

UN Workplace Mental Health and Well Being – A Strategic Action Plan 2018-2023

The United Nations Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy is a comprehensive approach to address the needs the United Nations personnel and improve organizational capacities to prevent and protect mental health. It was endorsed by the heads of management of all UN system entities and it applies to the whole of the UN system. The website below is for all UN personnel and it look at increasing the effectiveness of the United Nations by optimizing the mental health and well-being of its staff. The aim is for a workplace culture that enhances the mental health of all staff and supports those that experience poor mental health.

UNEGSA Membership Form

If you wish to ensure you are a member of UNEGSA please complete the form. Please note i) membership is and will always be voluntary, ii) paying fees are and will always be optional, yet highly encouraged; and iii) an associate membership status is provided for consultants, interns, etc.

Background Documents

Intern Board

The IEH Intern Board is a group of volunteer interns who work together to help interns at IEH have the best experience possible. The size and composition of the intern board will vary as interns come and go, but the general function remains the same: to connect interns working in IEH and to advocate on your behalf. The Intern Board also runs social events to connect IEH interns, and organize career-focused activities, events, and services.

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