Geneva Environment Network

The Geneva Environment Network (GEN) is a cooperative partnership of more than 100 environmental and sustainable development organizations based at the International Environment House in Geneva and at other locations in the surrounding region. They include United Nations offices and programmes, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, local governmental authorities and academic institutions.

Established in 1999, GEN organizes and hosts meetings, roundtables, briefings and workshops promoting the dissemination of information and public awareness of environmental issues. In addition, GEN actively promotes increased cooperation and networking among its partners and develops a weekly newsletter highlighting the latest news, resources, events and job opportunities in the region.

The Geneva Environment Network was established to strengthen positive interactions between environmental organizations and, with a view to sustainable development, to encourage interactions between environmental activities and those relating to social and economic development.

Philippe Roch, Former Director, Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape

GEN is supported by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and is administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).



Diana Rizzolio


Alice Schneider

Research and Communications Consultant (part-time)

Harvey Parafina

Research and Communications Consultant

Marina Garlatti


Noé Lukundula


Former staff

Pablo Lopez

Research and Communications Consultant (2022)

Claudia Schiavelli

Intern (2022)

Malou Lenoir

Consultant (2019-2021)

Angélique Sarre

Intern (2020)

Simone Sessolo

Intern (2019-2020)

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