The Geneva Environment Network’s weekly newsletter, the Geneva Green Guide and other tools such as learning courses, publications, glossaries and links are essential resource materials on environmental topics from local, regional, intergovernmental and international organizations and academic institutions.


Issued on Mondays, the weekly newsletter of the Geneva Environment Network provides the latest updates on the environment happening during the week in Geneva and its surrounding region. They include events, job opportunities and recent reports and publications.

Geneva Green Guide

The Geneva Green Guide is a reference tool on the numerous intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, business organizations, academic institutions and local governmental authorities working on environmental and sustainable development topics in Geneva and its surrounding region.


Various learning courses on environmental and sustainable development topics are offered to the public by different academic institutions and intergovernmental organizations. The majority are held online and at no cost.


In this section are reports on environmental and sustainable development topics published by different organizations.


Environmental terms and short descriptions of conventions and reports are listed as a reference guide.


In addition to the Geneva Green Guide, in this section are links to local actors and resources on the environment and sustainable development in Geneva.



Cities and the Environment

22 Oct 2021


World Food Day 2021

16 Oct 2021


Wednesdays for the Planet

12 Oct 2021


Food Loss and Waste

29 Sep 2021