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Emilia Wahlström is a Programme Management Officer at the UNISDR.

Prior to this position, Emilia Wahlström was a Programme Officer at the UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit (JEU) where she worked on environmental emergency preparedness and response. Through her activities, she supported member states’ and global actors’ readiness to respond to environmental emergencies and to address the environmental impacts of humanitarian action. Working with a wide network of response partners, she developed guidance, shared good practice and facilitates capacity development initiatives, including training programmes and workshops linking to the Environmental Emergencies Centre.

As a trained United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination mechanism member, she also participates and leads environmental emergency response missions. Before joining UNEP/OCHA, Emilia worked with the United Nations Development Programme in Kazakhstan, in charge of the portfolio on natural and man-made disasters.

She has holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology and has also worked several years with industry actors on environmental management systems, legal compliance and chemicals management.