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The UN Environmen Programme launched the Land Use Finance Programme under the Climate Finance Unit to proactively unlock and scale up private finance for sustainable land use by supporting a number of blended finance vehicles and by focusing on creating an enabling environment.

By partnering directly with private sector entities in the agricultural and financial industries, UNEP can support member countries as they transition towards sustainable land use by providing financial incentives to smallholder farmers, supply chain companies, traders and finance institutions to systematically include climate and zero-deforestation targets.

The Climate Finance Unit also contributes to the UN-REDD Programme as research has shown that initiatives to reduce commodity-driven deforestation are most impactful when they combine REDD+ programmes, jurisdictional approaches and private sector commitments.

The Climate Finance Unit is under UNEP Ecosystems Division, which supports countries in conserving, restoring and sustainably managing their terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, the biodiversity they contain and the products and services they provide for human well-being and prosperity.


Ivo Mulder

Climate Finance Unit Head, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).