16 Déc 2021

Lieu: Villa Rigot & Online | Zoom

Organisation: Geneva Cities Hub

The "City diplomacy series" is organized by the Geneva Cities Hub to explore how LRGs and their networkscan enhance their involvement in global multilateral diplomacy. This special session on the UN Climate Change Conference is co-sponsored by the Geneva Environment Network.

About this Session

Cities are among the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change and have therefore have a key role in addressing this global challenge. Much depends on how they are planned, built and use energy to enable people to live, move and thrive. As a result, many cities, local and regional governments (LRGs) and their networks have mobilized to contribute positively to the objectives of the Paris Agreements.

During the crucial COP26 climate change conference that just took place in Glasgow, UK, LRGs were also very active to ensure that their role was being acknowledged in the fight against climate change.

The event will thus provide an opportunity to discuss and analyze the engagement of LRGs in a multilateral conference such as COP26:

  • Have the LRGs and their networks managed to influence the negotiations? If so, how ?
  • How have LRGs interacted with States and other stakeholders?
  • What’s in the final outcome (Glasgow Climate Pact) for LRGs ?
  • What about the follow-up to COP26 and LRGs’ action in that regard?
  • How can Geneva-based international actors support LRGs in implementing the COP26 outcome?



Director of Global Advocacy, ICLEI World Secretariat

Luis Alfonso DE ALBA

Mexico, Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Summit


Councillor, Glasgow City Council


Head of Advocacy, C40

Anh Thu DUONG (Moderator)

Co-Director, Geneva Cities Hub