Press briefing in response to UN Human Rights Council decision on “Right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment” at the end of its current 48th session. Young people, business, human rights institutions and civil society organizations are joining forces to say time is now for a healthy environment for all.


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Moderated by Kevin Wehlan, UN Representative, Amnesty International (TBC)

Speakers include:

  • Astrid Puentes Riaño, Former Co-Executive Director, The Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense
  • Chimunya Mutombo, Environmental Activist and Member of Terre des Hommes International Youth Network
  • Andrea Carmen, Executive Director, International Indian Treaty Council (TBC)
  • Michael Windfuhr, Deputy Director, German Institute for Human Rights
  • Farooq Ullah, Advocacy Strategist, The B-Team


On Tuesday, 5 October at 14:00 CEST – GMT+2, young people, business, civil society organizations, human rights institutions and other stakeholders, will come together to host a press briefing demonstrating the widespread and global solidarity on the call for governments to support the universal recognition of the human right to a healthy environment.


Tuesday, 5 October 2021 14:00 CEST (GMT+2)


The governments of Costa Rica, Maldives, Morocco, Slovenia and Switzerland, or the “Core Group”, have put forth a resolution to recognize our right to a healthy environment at the Human Rights Council 48th Session (13 September- 8 October). On 8 October governments in the Human Rights Council will determine whether they will adopt the resolution recognizing our right to a healthy environment. Ahead of this moment, all governments, including those not in the Human Rights Council, have an opportunity to support the recognition of the right to a healthy environment.

By finally filling this glaring gap in the architecture of international human rights law, the Human Rights Council’s recognition of such a right will highlight that human rights have to be guaranteed and effective in the face of environmental challenges and send a crucial and positive message to the communities exposed to degraded, hazardous or threatening environments.

Since 2020, the movement for the right of all people to a healthy environment has gained significant momentum across the globe, including:

  • Over 144,000 children, young people and allies from more than 144 countries signing a petition calling for the right to a healthy environment;
  • Over 1,300 civil society and Indigenous Peoples organizations from over 75 countries endorsing a Global Call for the UN to Recognize the Right to a Healthy Environment;
  • More than 110 human rights institutions, as part of the The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, welcoming the resolution for the right to a healthy environment; and
  • 50 business organizations and coalitions issuing a statement calling for universal recognition of the right to a healthy environment.

Media Contacts

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  • Kristen Cordero, Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative (CERI) –
  • Yves Lador, Earthjustice –