Mise à jour: 05 Jun 2021

UNECE marks 50 years of cooperation for environmental protection and governance in the pan-European region in 2021.

The UNECE Commission Session in 1971 marked the start of environmental action in the pan-European region, with the integration of environmental concerns in economic decision-making. For the past 50 years, UNECE has been the leading UN organization for environmental protection and governance in the pan-European region. The treaties, policy cooperation and assistance developed through these joint efforts,  help safeguard the environment for current and future generations. 

A dedicated website, highlighting key milestones of UNECE will be launched soon.

Committee on Environmental Policy

UNECE work on environmental matters dates back to 1971, when the group of Senior Advisors to the UNECE Governments on environmental issues was created, which led to the establishment of the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy (CEP) in 1994.

Environmental Performance Reviews Programme

An Environmental Performance Review (EPR) is an assessment of the progress a country has made in reconciling its environmental and economic targets and in meeting its international environmental commitments. The EPR Programme assists and supports ECE member countries in improving their environmental management and performance; promotes information exchange on policies and experiences among countries; helps in the integration of the environmental policies into economic sectors; promotes greater accountability to the public; strengthens cooperation with the international community; and contributes to the achievement and monitoring of relevant Sustainable Development Goals. 

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme

The UNECE Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme assists member States in working with environmental data and information to ensure their timely flow and adequate assessment. In this way, the Programme helps enable informed decision-making processes, both nationally and internationally, in the environmental sector.

Regional and Cross-sectoral Processes

Servicing Five Environmental Treaties and their Protocols