Organization: World Economic Forum


Head of Environment and Sustainability, Global Programming Group

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Gill Cassar is the Head of Environment and Sustainability at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Gill Cassar is the programme lead on Environment, Sustainability and Clean Energy at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Gill is highly dedicated to environmental issues and gender equality, working hard to improve the profile and access of women leaders on environment in Forum discussions. Gill manages the content development for the World Economic Forum’s public agenda on climate, water, pollution, the circular economy, forests, conservation and clean energy. She is responsible for engaging experts in the Forum’s work who have innovative technologies that can improve management of the global commons.

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, Gill was a manager at Dalberg, a management consulting firm dedicated to global development, where she worked with the environment practice area. She has started her own NGO and, through the Cherie Blaire Foundation, has mentored women entrepreneurs working in the environmental sector.

She received the “Gender and Environment Advocate in Geneva” award in 2017.