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GeCCco, the Geneva Climate Change Consultation Group, gathers civil society organizations working in Geneva to bring forward the human rights issues raised by climate change and to introduce these climate change issues in the work of the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Bodies. What started as a regular coffee meeting has developed into a more structured discussion, sharing of views, and launching ground for joint initiatives.

In order to be able to push for and contribute to stronger action on human rights and climate change, as well as monitor it, the initial nice coffee meetings needed to be upgraded. This led to the creation of the GeCCco, which kept the open and informal character of the initial discussions among the participating organizations.

The GeCCco meetings provide a moment of collective thinking and strategizing:

  • Sharing information and updates, about the work of the UN human rights bodies in Geneva, as well as the other relevant institutions in Geneva (such as IOM, PDD, UNDRR, etc.);
  • Sharing analysis and expertise on climate change & human rights issues;
  • Envisaging how to strengthen the attention given by the human rights bodies & other concerned IGOs based in Geneva to the impact on human rights of climate change and response policies;
  • Developing or contributing to collective civil society actions addressing HR bodies & concerned IGOs in Geneva;

The GeCCco has benefited since its beginning of the logistical support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Geneva Office (FES), where it holds most of its meetings. It keeps close ties with other concerned civil society platforms in Geneva, such as the Geneva Interfaith Forum on Climate Change, the Environment & Human Rights (GIF).

The GeCCco also keeps a close eye on the UNFCCC processes thanks to the NGO Working Group on Human Rights and Climate Change, the oldest and main coalition on this matter, to which a number of the participating organizations are also member.

GeCCco Participating Organizations