Chemin des Vaulx 14,
1228 Plan-les-Ouates,
Geneva, Switzerland


Green Vista is a non-profit foundation that supports sustainable development by strengthening capacity for environmental management in developing countries— from local communities to the private sector to national governments. Green Vista focuses on chemicals and waste management, circular economy, environmental health, climate change, and sustainable livelihoods.

Green Vista provides services and expertise in the following areas, based on its experience in over 100 developing countries:

  • National implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Minamata, and Bamako Conventions and SAICM
  • Circular economy development, governance, and legal framework strengthening
  • Technical interventions

Green Vista is a member of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership (PWP), the PWP Project Groups on Plastic waste collection, recycling and other recovery including financing and related markets, and on Outreach, education and awareness-raising, and the Basel Convention Household Waste Partnership.

Green Vista aims to collaborate with a wide range of Swiss and Geneva-based partners to support its mission to strengthen developing countries’ capacity for environmental management. Green Vista’s strategic location in Geneva provides direct access to many intergovernmental and international organizations (including the Secretariats of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm, and Minamata Conventions), permanent government missions, NGOs, private sector enterprises, and academic and research institutions.