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The City of Geneva is a major centre of global multilateral cooperation. Home to numerous international organisations (IOs), diplomatic missions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), it promotes universal, humanist values. The presence of numerous multinationals also contributes to the dynamic economic situation of the area around Lake Geneva while enhancing the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city even further.

This cosmopolitanism and the city’s openness to the world are essential elements of the City of Geneva’s identity. Boasting a long tradition of welcoming visitors, the City of Geneva makes every effort to create the conditions conducive to hosting the diplomatic world along with its new inhabitants.

The City of Geneva has been committed to sustainable development since 1995.

Agenda 21 – Sustainable city department

The City supports and promotes sustainable development, in particular through its Agenda 21 – Sustainable city department, which coordinates the municipal strategy in collaboration with all the municipal departments concerned. The municipal administration participates in numerous local and international networks with a view to sharing best practices.

Furthermore, the City of Geneva supports the associations, organisations and other partners which promote sustainable development by defining forums for participation and providing regular subsidies for numerous projects.

Département de l’environnement urbain et de la sécurité | Service des espaces vertes (SEVE)

Geneva is famous for its numerous high-quality parks and gardens, which account for almost 20% of the municipal territory. They are managed by a dedicated staff who carry out, manage, protect and catalogue them. The Département de l’environnement urbain et de la sécurité and the Service des espaces vertes (SEVE) also familiarizes the urban population with the region’s wildlife, contributing to the protection of endemic species.