10 Mar 2023 – 15 Jun 2023

Venue: Geneva

From exhibitions and film screenings to creative workshops and outdoor activities, learn more about the environment, reencounter local wildlife and explore nature trails for a "green" spring in Geneva.

Every year in Geneva, the administrative secretary of the State Council and Parliament announces the arrival of spring, with the hatching of the first leaf of the chestnut tree of the Promenade de la Treille, a tradition that started in 1818. This year, the first leaf appeared on 9 March.

As days are getting longer, it is not only flowers that start to bud in the parks of Geneva, but also a wide range of green activities that are flourishing in this international city. From exhibitions and film screenings to creative workshops and outdoor activities, we invite you to learn more about the environment, reencounter local wildlife, explore nature trails and spend a “green spring” in Geneva. Discover our suggested activities in our dedicated webpage, which we will regularly update as the season goes.


Thematic tour "Thinking about sustainability with the MEG collections"

19 March and 20 April 2023 |  Musée d’ethnographie

Des mots de science

26 March and 2 April 2023 | Temporary exhibition

Plastic Léman

Until 22 April 2023 | Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle


Until 23 April 2023| Musée d’histoire des sciences

Visite guidée sur le thème du Vivant !

25 April 2023 | Fondation Baur, Musée des arts d’Extrême-Orient

PANDÉMIE, les échos du covid

Until 27 April 2023| Upon iscription |UNIGE

Exoplanètes: Art, Science & Fiction

Until 30 April 2023 | Free entry | UNIGE

L’eau dans tous ses états

From 12 May 2023 | EU Delegation in Geneva, UN Water

Nuit des Museés

13 May 2023 

40 ans d'archéozoologie au Muséum

Until 14 May 2023 | Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle

Art Exhibition - Earth / Mother.

Until 16 May 2023 | United Nations Women’s Guild | Palais des Nations

A vol d'oiseaux

Until 4 June 2023 | Photo Exhibition | La Libellule

Trésors: 200 ans d'histoire naturelle

Until 23 June 2023 | Exhibition | | Muséum d’histoire naturelle

Tout contre la terre

Until 25 June 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle

MEG and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Until 30 June | Musée d’éthnographie  | In collaboration with
the Perception Change Project
of the UN Geneva


From 28 April until 29 October 2023 | Exposition on circular economy | | Vessy

Nouvelles vitrines: espèces exotiques envahissantes

Until 31 December 2023 | Exhibition | | Muséum d’histoire naturelle

L'oiseau bleu

Until December 2024 | Palais des Nations

Art et évolution

Until May 2024 | Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève

Festivals and Markets

Festival d’innovation ouverte Open Geneva

16-26 March 2023 | Open Geneva

Sustainability Week Geneva 2023

20 – 24 March 2023 | Various Locations

Salon de la Mobilité Douce | SIG

25- 26 March 2023 | Espace Tourbillon (Plan les Ouates)

Festival Histoire et Cité

Nourrir le monde| 28 March- 2 April 2023 | Maison de l’histoire

Redistribution gratuite des invendus du marché

Every Friday | Uni Mail | EDD – Étudiant-es pour le développement durable

Sommet de Jeunes 2023

step into action Suisse Romande | 4 – 5 May 2023 | Uni Mail

Spring eco-market

7 May and 4 June 2023 | Qafé Guidoline | Bubble Ethic

Festival Genève Durable

12- 13 May 2023 | Impact Hub Geneva | Bubble Ethic

Le petit marché aux plantes du jardin botanique

13 May 2023 | Botanical Garden and Conservatory

Book & Podcast Festival

16 May 2023 | Maison de la Paix

Feu Ô Lac

18 – 21 May 2023

Fête de la Nature 2023 | Eau secours!

18 – 28 May 2023 | Various Locations around Geneva

Marché aux plantons

From 12 April to 3 June 2023 | Various locations

Fête des voisins

2 June 2023 |

Conferences and Courses

Les plantes pour soigner les plantes

17 March 2023 | Meeting with Eric Petiot | Bibliothèque des Minoterie


BiblioWeekend ” Mettre les Voiles” | 24 – 26 March  2023 | Bibliosuisse

TEDXGVAGRAD: Rethink Realities

25 March 2023 | Geneva Graduate Institute

Rebellion Academy

Rebellion Academy | 25 – 26 March | Exctinction Rebellion Geneva

Vers un numérique plus éthique et durable

29 March 2023 | Cité Seniors

Conférence Géosciences

1 April 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle

Semaine des droits de l’enfant: droit à un environnement sain

17 – 21 April 2023 | Uni Mail | Terre des hommes Suisse

A propos de Mars

29 April 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle | Société Astronomique de Genève

Conférences Géosciences

6 May 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle

Outdoor Activities

rESCue, l’escape game de la transition écologique

13-17 March 2023 | Uni Dufour | UNIGE

La March Bleue

1 – 22 April 2023 | March from Geneva to Bern

Appel à bénévoles, Arrachage de renouées

24 April – 31 May 2023 | Association pour la sauvergarde du Léman

Visite du parc de Malagnou

29 April 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle | Guided visit for Kids

Réouverture du Jardin des Nations

29 April 2023 | Jardin des Nations

Clean walk le long de l'Arve

06 May 2023 | GTBiodiversité du WWF

Kidical Mass

14 May 2023 | Kidical Mass – PRO VELO  | Parc des Bastions

Walk the Talk: Health for All Challenge

21 May 2023 | Place des Nations

Arrachage de néophytes à l'Allondon

03 June 2023 | GTBiodiversité du WWF & Pro Natura

Le Grand Genève pour le climat !

03 June 2023 | Marche Climat

Tri challenge !

05 June – 2 July 2023 | OCEV – Service de géologie, sols et déchets

Visites naturalistes du PAV

06 June – 13 June 2023 | Département du territoire (DT)

6ème édition de l'EcoTrail Genève

10 June 2023 | EcoTrail Running

Excursions | La Libellule

Guided Excursions | La Libellule

Ateliers verts

Ateliers verts | Botanical Conservatory and Garden

Visites guidées

Guided Visits | Botanical Conservatory and Garden


PRO VELO Genève organizes regularlay biking events and exchanges around the city.


Nature - Que Faire?

Dans Ma Nature

The platform dansmaNature.ch aims to increase public awareness of biodiversity. A collaborative work by the Canton of Geneva and local associations and institutions, the platform brings together all the activities organized in Geneva, including excursions and nature-friendly outings.

WWF Geneva

WWF Geneva works to implement projects in support of biodiversity, which includes various outings and activities for young people on environmental issues.

Camps, centres aérés | La Libellule

Outdoor camps for children and adoloscents | La Libellule

Pro Natura Genève

Pro Natura Genève

Pro Natura is the oldest organization for the protection of nature in Switzerland. Since 1928 in Geneva, it offers various types of activities for both adults and children to cultivate their relationship with nature and to teach how to preserve it.

Heritage Trees

Parks in Geneva

There are more than 40,000 trees in Geneva. The educational app of Parcs Genève invites the public to discover around 300 trees on self-guided walks. These trees have particular characteristics that make them essential to the city’s tree heritage.

Game with Trees

Parks in Geneva

Played in a park, this year-round game involves discovering a tree while wearing a blindfold and learning how to tell one tree from another. This activity is part of the “Vivre nos arbes” project promoting the heritage of Geneva’s trees.

Nature in the City


This walking route is composed of 12 terminals, divided between the City, the Parc des Evaux and the southern hillside of the municipality of Onex. With a length of 6km, it allows you to discover different aspects of biodiversity in the city and its green spaces.

Cedar Trees

Genève-Plage to Bout-du-Monde

This walking circuit allows the public to discover a cityscape scattered with cedar trees. There are 3,800 of these trees in Geneva, representing a precious botanical heritage that the city makes an effort to protect.

Urban Forest and Local Widlife


An urban forest unique in Geneva, the Bois-de-la-Bâtie is home to a wildlife park offering the public the chance to see native wildlife species. The park contributes to the conservation of heritage species and also uses a forest management approach promoting the natural regeneration of the oak trees.


Marais de Sionnet Nature Reserve

An ideal location for birdwatching in the canton of Geneva.

Cycle the Rhône

Moulin de Vert Nature Reserve

Located in Cartigny, this nature reserve is rich in biodiversity.

Cycle the Rhône

Teppes of Verbois

This area is ideally located along the Rhône, a real vegetal artery and a vital lead for the migratory water birds. This complex of exceptional natural circles on the scale of Geneva and Switzerland is recognized to have national and international importance.

Hike the Rhône

Geneva to La Plaine

Hike from Geneva to La Plaine and see the natural beauty of the Rhône and the Moulin-de-Vert Nature Reserve, as well as the charming villages of Cartigny and Avully.

Nature Walks

Jussy to Anières

This walking route takes you through one of the most beautiful regions in the Canton of Geneva. Along the way, discover vineyards, mountain views, the lake and, of course, biodiversity with a variety of bird species.

Rando Salève

Every Sunday |  Association Genevoise des Amis du Salève (AGAS)

Cinema, Theater and Music

La fête des Racines

 17- 26 March 2023 | Théâtre de la Parfumerie

La fabrique des pandémies

20 March 2023 | Auditoire Marcel Jenny, Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève

Festival du Film Vert 2023 | Genève

21 March – 2 April 2023 

Sound dreamings of the march equinox

23 March 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie

Ciné-Relax | La panthère des neiges

23 March 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie


27 March 2023 | Uni Mail

The Recycling Myth

2 April 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie

The Ants and the Grasshopper

4 April 2023 | Online Film Screening

All that Breathes

5 April 2023 | Cinélux, 8 Boulevard de Saint-Georges

Inferno in Paradiso

5 April 2023 | À la Traverse

Autour des Alpes

27 March – 15 April 2023  | Théâtre de la Parfumerie

Spectacle « La balle rouge »

18 April 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle | Oceaneye

Festival of Mountain Films | Mountains on Stage

29 April (Arfluvial SA – Bâtiment des forces motrices ) and 11 May 2023 (Pathé Balexert) | By reservation

AG!R, c'est tout naturel!

Ag!r, c’est tout naturel! Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle

Workshops and DIY

Atelier de peinture sur du papier Do

18 March, 13 and 18 April 2023 | Painting workshops

Climate Fresk

24 March 2023 | Sustainable Finance Geneva

Foire aux Graines 2023

25 March 2023 |  Bibliothèque Municipale de Saint-Jean

Meet the ghost net: children's discovery tour

2 April 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie

Food Workshops | Swiss Food Academy

 Workshops for children | Swiss Food Academy

A repair café in the heart of the museum.

2 April 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie

Workshop: Waste dystopias

2 April 2023 | Musée d’éthnographie

Ateliers Citoyens

24 April – 11 May 2023 | Grand Genève

Les animaux cachés du lac Léman

26 April 2023 | Muséum d’histoire naturelle | Workshop for Kids

Biodiversity Fresk

12 May 2023 | Sustainable Finance Geneva

Competitions and Contests

Bike to Work Challenge 2023

May & June 2023 | Contest for companies and teams | PRO VELO

Nature Documentaries and Series

Restore: Films from the frontiers of hope

United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration | United Nations Environment Programme and Food and Agricultural Organization

Earth School

TED Ed and United Nations Environment Programme

Les lacustres - Mémoires d'outre-lac

Les lacustres – Mémoires d’outre-lac

Online Resources

Let's Talk Ecosystems Podcast

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) | FAO & UNEP Europe Office

Interactive Nature Map

Canton of Geneva

Discover the protected, natural and observation areas of the canton with an interactive map, suggesting various hiking, walking and cycling routes adapted to every age.

Geneva's Biodiversity

Patrimoine Vert Genève

Learn more about the different species of flora and fauna in Geneva.



Learn about the different species of flora and fauna in Switzerland.

Science Guide

Science Academy of Sciences

Mobile app to learn about science, biodiversity and nature activities in Switzerland.

Nature for All Discovery Zone

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Nature-based resources to connect people with nature.