07 Mar 2023

Venue: Campus Biotech | Room H8-01- F

Organization: 2050Today, GE-EN-VIE

Presentation of the contributions of the 2050Today members sites to the Geneva ecological infrastructure in the framework of the common project implemented by the Biodiversity Working Group.

As part of the cantonal biodiversity strategy, GE-21  – the expert’s network on biodiversity has implemented a method called the Ecological Infrastructure to prioritize the cantonal territory based on its complementary value for biodiversity, ecosystem services and connectivity for animal movements. The result is a map which classifies each 25m pixel with a relative value between 0 (cold spots) to 100 (hot spots).

In support of our Working Group, the University of Geneva has just concluded this assessment for the land surfaces occupied by all 2050Today members and how they contribute to the ecological infrastructure.

Professor Anthony Lehmann and Martin Schlaepfer, Institute of the environmental Sciences – University of Geneva will present the initial results of their studies. For the permanent Missions, the garden surfaces of the residences have also been included in the scope. Based on these results, we will explore ways of improving the contribution of each 2050Today institution by restoring and improving the quality of ecosystems where possible.

The session, organized by 2050Today, will take place on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 14h00 till 16h00 at Campus Biotech, Room H8-01- F , Chemin des Mines 9 – Geneva.

Register for this presentation by e-mail to contact@2050today.org by Tuesday 28 February 2023. The session is open to any representative of organizations of international Geneva. The registration is mandatory to access the Campus Biotech.