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Director, Centre for Society and Governance

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Director, Centre for Society and Governance

Radhika Murti is the Director of Centre for Society and Governance.

She was also formerly the Director of IUCN’s Global Ecosystem Management Programme. In this position, Radhika leads IUCN’s global work on ecosystem management, and also coordinates communication and technical support for the Commission on Ecosystem Management.

She has a BSc in Forestry Science from Australian National University and an MA in Land Management from University of the South Pacific. She has a background in forestry science, focusing on land conflicts and livelihoods within community-based forest management in the Pacific.

Prior to joining IUCN, Radhika worked for the UNDP Multi-Country Office based in Suva, where she was involved with poverty alleviation and livelihoods, financial literacy, gender mainstreaming, MDG reporting and disaster risk reduction programmes across the Pacific. She has worked closely with a range of Pacific Islands’ government bodies and NGOs, and has also taught at the University of the South Pacific in Suva.