Based in Geneva



Head of the Data & Information Sustainability (DIES) unit

Andrea de Bono is the head of the Data & Information Sustainability (DIES) unit of UN Environmental Programme's (UNEP) Global Resource Information Database Geneva (GRID-Geneva).

Andrea de Bono joined UNEP-GRID-Geneva in 2001 and is currently the head of Data & Information Sustainability (DIES) unit. He was responsible for data flow in the UNEP Environmental Data Explorer platform, and coordinator for the Global Exposure Database for the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

With an MSc and Ph.D. in Geology, as well as a specialist in environmental and territorial data, he worked as GIS analyst and data management for several EU and UN projects focusing on themes including urbanization, renewable energy, land management, natural disasters, etc… In recent years he has focused on the management of platforms for the visualization and distribution of environmental data for UNEP and the European Community.