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The Geneva Environment Network (GEN) is a cooperative partnership of over 100 environmental and sustainable development organizations based at the International Environment House in Geneva and the surrounding region. They include United Nations offices and programmes, intergovernmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, local authorities and academic institutions.

Established in 1999, the GEN Secretariat organizes and hosts meetings, roundtables, briefings and workshops promoting the dissemination of information and public awareness on environmental issues.

The GEN Secretariat is supported by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and is administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).


Claudia Schiavelli

Claudia is a junior research and communications consultant at the Geneva Environment Network, focusing on end plastic pollution and chemicals and waste agendas.

Jan Harvey Parafina

Harvey is a communicator, working now as a research and communications consultant for the Geneva Environment Network under the UN Environment Programme.

Marina Garlatti

Marina was an Environment Affairs Intern within the Geneva Environment Network during 2022-2023

Patrick De Pinho

Patrick De Pinho is an Environment Affairs Intern at the Geneva Environment Network.




Environment Affairs Intern

10 Jun 2023