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Unearthodox was founded in 2022 from the legacy of the Luc Hoffmann Institute, named after Dr Luc Hoffmann.

Unearthdox was created in 2023 as an independent entity, replacing its predecessor, the Luc Hoffmann Institute to further its commitment to innovation for diverse, equitable societies that value nature and actively regenerate all life on Earth. The Luc Hoffmann Institute worked as a semi-autonomous entity within WWF International, focused on enabling collaboration between disciplines, and committed to assessing, analysing and resolving complex conservation challenges in order to make change possible. It eventually evolved into an incubator for social innovation in nature conservation.

Unearthdox continues to forward the legacy of Dr Hoffmann, who believed science was the foundation for action but understood the broader reality of preserving life on Earth: that problem-solving needs to be coordinated and must consider different perspectives, and that sustainable development must encompass both nature and people. His passion, modesty and collaboration at all levels of society, and his innovative way of mixing disciplines to achieve results, are all ingrained in the ethos of Unearthodox.