24 Jan 2012

Venue: International Environment House 2

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

A briefing for the Geneva based Missions by the Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions on the proposal for the organization of the secretariats of the three conventions, which was circulated to the bureau for consultation on 22 December 2011, was organized at the International Environment House 2, on Tuesday 24 January.

The Executive Secretary is proposing a shift from the current structure, generally referred to as a programmatic structure, to a future matrix structure. The proposed future structure would establish a single integrated secretariat dedicating to serving all three conventions equally, and would consist of four branches covering administrative services, convention operations, technical assistance and scientific support. The proposed future structure would also considerably simplify the organization of the secretariat, and ultimately reduce the number of senior managers. 

The proposal provides a rationale for the restructuring, and includes sections on goals and objectives, as well as on advantages and disadvantages. It also describes the process for developing the proposal, which included the work of a secretariat task force on restructuring, which developed a thorough operations analysis, as well as extensive discussions with regional groups at all three of the 2011 COPs. The paper also includes a timeline for implementation and next steps. 

The proposal are available and other reference documents online from the Conventions webiste. All the documents presented at the briefing can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Reactions during the session included support from the European Union to the proposal, with specific comments and questions on annexes and staff positions in the Executive Secretary Office. Belgium also reacted with remarks and questions on the Executive Secretary immediate office, regional delibery and accountability. Colombia welcomed several steps undertaken with the proposal and encouraged issues related to regions representation, scientific report and country parts strenghtening capacities. Costa Rica was curious on how the new structure of the Chemicals and Waste Conventions could include further MEAs and what to do with the lessons learned of this process. The islamic Republic of Iran was concerned about the same level of attention being given to the work of both three conventions.

The Executive Secretary replied to all the questions and remarks raised, giving concrete examples.


Coffee & Tea

Welcome and introduction
Jan Dusik, acting Director and Regional Representative, UNEP

Proposal from the Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions for the organization of the secretariats of the three conventions
Jim Willis, Executive Secretary

Question-and-answer session


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