05 Jun 2017

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Organization: Geneva Environment Network

World Environment Day 2017 ‘Connecting People to Nature’ theme implored us to go outside and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share. That is why the Geneva Environment Network proposed different outdoor activities and hikes in and around Geneva on its World Environment Day website separated in three different labels – the Emerald Network, Natura 2000 sites and Natural Reserves.

You can also find messages from actors working for a more sustainable future and connecting with nature in the Geneva area here

Exploring Nature:

The Emerald Network:
The Emerald Network is an ecological network made up of Areas of Special Conservation Interest. Its implementation was launched by the Council of Europe as part of its work under the Bern Convention, with the adoption of Recommendation No. 16 (1989) of the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention.
River Basin of the Rhone (Flickr Album)

Natura2000 Network:
Natura 2000 network represents 26 000 protected sites that make up one fifth of the European Union’s land area. It is the largest such network in the world, and it offers vital protection for Europe’s most endangered species and habitats.
Saleve Mountain (Flickr Album)
Vuache Mountain (Flickr Album)
Défilé de l’Ecluse (Flickr Album)
Voirons Mountain (Flickr Album)
Haut-Jura crests (Flickr Album)
Dranse Delta (Flickr Album)
Loex Plateau

Natural Reserve:
Foretaille Natural Reserve – Versoix (Flickr Album)
Douves Natural Reserve – Versoix (Flickr Album)
Gueule Wood Natural Reserve – Versoix (Flickr Album)
Combe Chapuis Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Gravines Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Crets Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Pointe à la Bise Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Longuet Valley Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Mouilles Wood Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)
Verbois Teppes Natural Reserve (Flickr Album)

Nature in Geneva:
Botanical Gardens of Geneva (Flickr Album)
Natural History Museum of Geneva (Flickr Album)
Mamajah Ecosite 
Challandes Park