14 Dec 2017

Venue: NULL

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

Faced with unprecedented sustainability challenges, environmental NGOs are key players shaping both popular understanding and policy responses to burning topics such as biodiversity loss, climate change and deforestation. Simultaneously, their role, contribution and perspectives are subject to intense debate by nation states, social movements and academics.

Using the opportunity of launching “The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs: rethinking the boundaries” fresh off the press from Palgrave, this event seeks to generate debate about current trends and the future of the environmental movement. As environmental challenges deepen, what are key challenges and opportunities for environmental NGOs?

This roundtable brought together some of the researchers behind the book with key players from the environmental community in Switzerland to debate.

With the participation of:

  • Mark Halle, Conservation Futures
  • Jon Hutton, Luc Hoffman Institute
  • Peter Bille Larsen, Lucerne University
  • Denis Ruysschaert, Liège University, SWISSAID Genève
  • Liza Zogib, DiversEarth
  • Wondy Asnake, UN Environment (moderator)