16 Sep 2010

Venue: International Environment House I | Room 3

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

Green Cross International’s Environmental Security and Sustainability programme was the focus of an event at the Environment House in Geneva on 16 September sponsored by the Geneva Environment Network.

Global Green USA’s Director of the Programme, Dr. Paul Walker, was the keynote speaker at the event, where he discussed GCI’s experience in the last 15 years with weapons demilitarization and toxic waste remediation.

The event was opened by David Piper, Deputy Branch Head of UNEP Chemicals, who provided insight into the work of the chemicals branch of the UN Environmental Programme. Nelson Sabogal, Chief of the Convention Services and Governance Unit of the Basel Convention, followed with an introduction to the Basel Convention, which seeks to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of hazardous wastes. David Ogden, Executive Coordinator of the Stockholm Convention, closed out the opening remarks by providing background on the Convention under which 21 chemicals are covered.


Welcome and Introduction

  • David Piper, Deputy Branch Head, UNEP Chemicals
  • Nelson Sabogal, Chief, Convention Services and Governance Unit, Basel Convention
  • David Ogden, Coordinator, Stockholm Convention

Fifteen years of weapons demilitarization and toxic waste remediation in the Green Cross International

  •  Paul F. Walker, Director, Security & Sustainability Program, Global Green USA

Questions & answers