29 Nov 2011

Venue: International Environment House II

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

Emerging Issues and Keeping Track of Environmental Change on the road to Rio+20

UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva is one of UNEP’s major centres for data and information management, with a unique, “value-adding” mandate in the handling of global and regional environmental data, which in turn support the environment assessment and early warning activities of UNEP and its partners. The centre is supported by a “Partnership Agreement” between UNEP, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and the University of Geneva.


12:30 Welcoming statements
Jan Dusik, Deputy Director, Regional Office for Europe, UNEP
Juliet Fall, Department of Geography and Environment, University of Geneva
Daniel Ziegerer, Head, Global Affairs Section, Swiss Federal Office for Environment

12:50 Review of the Programme and Objectives of the “Science Day”
Ron Witt, Regional Coordinator, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP

13:00 Keynote Presentation on Impacts of Climate Change in Switzerland
Martin Beniston, Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva

13:30 The UNEP Foresight Process and Emerging Issues for Rio+20
Pascal Peduzzi, UNEP/GRID-Geneva

14:00 Keeping Track of Environmental Change: from Rio to Rio+20
Stefan Schwarzer, UNEP/GRID-Geneva and University of Geneva

14:30 Status of the GEO-5 Reporting Process in Europe
Ron Witt, Regional Coordinator, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP

15:00 Coffee/tea break

15:30 Swiss Environmental Indicators: a national stock-taking
Hy Dao, UNEP/GRID-Geneva & University of Geneva
Nicolas Perritaz, Swiss Federal Office for Environment
Karin Fink, Swiss Federal Office for Environment

16:00 Panel Discussion: What are the emerging issues that decision-makers need to be aware of and take into account in discussions at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development?

16:50 Conclusion / wrap-up of the “Science Day”