03 Mar 2011

Venue: International Environment House II

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

Event organized by the Geneva Environment Network, providing an overview of the outcomes and the decisions taken at UNEP GC/GMEF.

The 26th session of the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was held from 21 to 24 February 2011 at the United Nations Office in Nairobi, Kenya. Close to 100 ministers and over 130 countries attended the event, alongside members of civil society, the private sector and scientific bodies.

The ministerial consultations during the twenty-sixth session focused on emerging policy issues under the overall theme of contribution of UNEP to the preparatory process for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2012. Specific themes taken up at the session were “Green economy” and “International environmental governance”.

In support of these discussions, UNEP presented a pivotal new report on how a transition to a Green Economy might be achieved by countries. The Governing Council also adopted some 17 key decisions across UNEP’s Programme of Work.


Coffee & Tea

Welcome and introduction
Christophe Bouvier, Director and Regional Representative, UNEP

Outcomes of UNEP 26th Session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF)
Christophe Bouvier, Director and Regional Representative, UNEP
Steven Stone, Chief, Economics and Trade Branch, UNEP/DTIE
Hossein Fadaei, Acting Secretary, Environmental Management Group, EMG
Per Bakken, Chief, Chemicals Branch, UNEP/DTIE
Nelson Sabogal, Chief, Convention Services and Governance Unit, Basel Convention
Henrik Slotte, Chief, Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch, UNEP/DEPI

Question-and-answer session