05 Jun 2011

Venue: Pavillon Plantamour - 112 rue de Lausanne et Quai WilsonTram 13 & 15 - arrêt Butini, Bus 1 & Mouette M4 - arrêt Chateaubriand

Organization: Geneva Environment Network


  • Sightseeing tours and stories on trees by “La Libellule” at 1.30pm and 4.00pm
  • Exhibition “DES FORETS ET DES HOMMES”  by SIG and the GoodPlanet Foundation, from Yann Arthus Bertrand with I Love My Planet, LODH and the City of Geneva
  • Demonstrations of UNHCR activities in camps for refugees
  • Games, quizzes and information on Forests
  • Make-up for children