01 Jun 2017

Venue: Mr Pickwick, Rue du Lausanne 80, Geneva (Tram 15, Stop Butini)

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

World Environment Day Quiz 2017

24 teams registered for the 2017 edition of the World Environment Day Quiz.

This event was organized as part of the World Environment Day celebrations in Geneva, to have a look at what we were proposing to celebrate the European Sustainable Development Week and World Environment Day in Geneva, please visit the website: http://www.jme-ge.ch/

Here you will find an article written by Alexander Kasterine (Head of Trade & Environment Programme at ITC ) about the World Environment Day 2017.

Congratulations to our winners:
1 – Quiz 4 Green Tonic (58 points)
2 – Environmental Goods and Services (56 points)
3 – Alternative Facts (54 points)
4 – IISD Wolverines (53 points)
5 – Sigh & Tease (52,5 points)

We also congratulate the other participants: The Gygero’s (52 points), ITC Gaia (49,5 points), ITC Solar (49 points), I and U connect with Nature (49 points), Captain Planet & the Planeteers (48,5 points), Tree Huggers (47,5 points), Earth Champions (47,5 points), Save the Paris Agreement (47,5 points), Elephants Rock! (46,5 points), Hubsters (46 points), Nuyki All-star (ADAP) (45 points), GREEN QUEENS (43,5 points), Highly Toxic (43 points), Polluted (42,5 points), The World is One Family (42,5 points), So Long and Thanks for the Fish (42 points), A Recycled Team Name (42 points), God Save the Green (40,5 points), GE 21 Team (34 points), Waste Not (30 points).