16 Aug 2010

Venue: Geneva, Palais des Nations

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

The Zero Race Tour, supported by the United Nations Environment Progamme, departed from the Palais des Nations (Flag Avenue) on Monday 16 August at 1.30 pm. This is not a race about speed. This is a race to make small, efficient vehicles popular. The team with the smartest, most efficient, most reliable, most usable and most popular concept will be the winner.

Jules Verne’s dream to go around the world in 80 days became a reality a long time ago, but is it possible to make a tour around the world in 80 days with emission-free vehicles?

In 2008, Louis Palmer became the first person ever to drive a solar powered car around the world. This project was known as the Solartaxi. It took him 534 days to complete his circumnavigation and spread his powerful message that renewable energies are reliable, affordable and ecologically responsible.

In 2010, Louis Palmer is organizing The Zero Emissions Race. This global event is planned to be a thrill, as well as an opportunity to harness public interest and generate new ways of thinking about mobility, cars and renewable energies. The Zero Race also aims to make zero emission energy solutions accessible to a worldwide audience.

Four Teams from three continents are taking up the challenge.

On 16 August 2010 the teams departed from Place des Nations in Geneva with their electric cars on the longest and greenest race of all time: the ZERO Race.

Jan Kubiš, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, on behalf of the Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, starte the race, along with representatives of the United Nations Environment Programme.