The Geneva Environment Network’s weekly newsletter includes the latest information on the global environmental agenda, main events, job vacancies, learning opportunities, as well as other useful resources and updates. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some live events organized by organizations around the world, contributing to the global environmental agenda, have also been included. Stay tuned and follow us also on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit our website regularly for additional updates.

Due to the developments in the sanitary situation, most institutions in Geneva are operating virtually. Our update on COVID-19 and the environment lists relevant information, research, data and press releases on the environmental origins and impacts of the pandemic.

Plastics in the Life Cycle / SCP

The Geneva Beat Plastic Pollution Dialogues launched in November 2020 will continue this week with a session dedicated to Plastics in the Life Cycle / SCP. The dialogues, organized by the Geneva Environment Network secretariat, in collaboration with the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat, the Center for International Environmental Law, the Global Governance Centre at the Graduate Institute, Norway, and Switzerland, address the plastic crisis and support coordinated approaches that can lead to more efficient decision making.

Many of the early responses to address plastic pollution focus on the end of life stage of plastic. However, the complexity of the plastic crisis demand that we consider impacts and opportunities at each stage of the life cycle to design comprehensive solutions that will effectively limit all impacts of plastic, rather than merely displacing them. During this session, experts will map the current life cycle approaches in place to quantify and address the plastic crisis, detail international policies and initiatives developed to foster a plastics circular economy, and explore the role and contributions of all stakeholders along the supply chain, to design and implement comprehensive responses to the plastic crisis. Register on Webex and join us online Thursday 11 February, at 14:00 CET.

For more resources on the plastics crisis, the update on Plastics and the Environment provides relevant information and the most recent research, data and articles from the various organizations in international Geneva and other institutions around the world. The outcomes of the previous sessions on Plastics and WastePlastics, Climate and Air Pollution, Plastics and Human Rights, Plastics and Health, Plastics and Standards, and Plastics and Trade summarize current efforts and recommended action steps for further addressing these issues.

Environmental Peacebuilding: The Road to Geneva

The Second International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding is scheduled to take place in Geneva in February 2022, convened by the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx) in cooperation with the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding of the Graduate Institute, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the Geneva Water Hub, University of Geneva, and the United Nations Environment Programme.

In the run-up to this major conference, an inclusive and consultative process – The Road to Geneva – seeks to elevate and diversify voices in environmental peacebuilding, while learning from regional insights. This process will engage practitioners, researchers, decision-makers, and students from around the globe with program of virtual events on environmental peacebuilding and a series of flagship initiatives to showcase at the conference.

Wednesdays for the Planet Leading Up to Wildlife Day

Wednesdays for the Planet is a series of online screenings and virtual presentations with experts highlighting the natural world and other environmental challenges our planet faces. For the month of February, we will be showcasing nature documentaries leading up to World Wildlife Day, celebrated on 3 March.

  • Corona: The Pandemic and the Pangolin | 10 February 2021, 13:30 – 15:30
    An uncomfortable, yet eye-opening, documentary that goes at the root of the pandemic to untangle the deep links between wildlife and our health. Followed by a panel discussion with experts
  • The Sanctuary: Survival Stories of the Alps | 17 February 2021, 13:30 – 15:30
    An incredible journey through the frozen heart of Europe to discover that it is not always the strongest who survives, but more often those who help each others. Followed by a presentation from the director, Frédéric Fougea

More episodes will be announced soon.

Saharan Dust Over Europe

On Saturday 6 February, Saharan dust transformed landscapes in parts of Europe. Over the last decade, scientists have come to realize the impacts of sand and dust storms on climate, human health, the environment and many socio-economic sectors. The World Meteorological Organization Members are at the vanguard in evaluating these impacts and developing products to guide preparedness, adaptation and mitigation policies. Read more…

Photo of the week: Saharan dust over Lake Léman © Demir Somnez.

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