Last updated: 19 Aug 2021

My Drop in the Oceans is a global currency platform founded on the belief that economic and social progress depends on fundamentally changing the way we value nature. Currently beta-testing the platform, they are looking for users willing to try the new currency.

Can a new currency save the planet?

As many of the true costs to nature from human activity remain hidden, the My Drop in the Oceans, an innovative Swiss social enterprise, wants to ask whether it’s possible to have a new currency that better reflects what we use up from nature. Established in 2011 and located the International Environment House in Geneva, they believe that we all need to make a shift in the way we see nature and our relationship to it, and we need to recognize that our lifestyles bear a cost to nature that needs to be compensated. Money is one of the most effective tools to empower human behavior, and they are redesigning money to empower people to value nature.

Put simply, the global currency platform rewards consumers and businesses for their sustainable actions, in turn, returning value to nature. My DIO’s vision creates a link between the value of environmental costs and the issuing of a digital currency (named DIO) that can be used by consumers to pay for purchases at participating businesses. DIO are initially issued equitably to individuals as credits, reflecting nature’s shared value to all of us, and are converted to rewards through sustainable actions captured on the online platform. This conversion process from credits to rewards effectively activates the currency, enabling payments to be transferred for a proportion of the purchase amount. By revealing the true costs of human activity to the environment, My Drops in the Ocean hope to provide a more direct way of returning the value to nature.

Supporting the SDGs

My Drop in the Oceans supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating incentives that encourage businesses and consumers to make sustainable choices, particularly through an efficient public transport system.

Public transport, at its best, is the most inclusive mode of sustainable travel. Indeed it can be linked to several of the seventeen United Nations Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals. aims to promote public transport by working to make it more accessible and more rewarding for all.

Beta-testing My Drops in the Ocean

Currently, they are currently testing a brand new beta version of the platform, and they are looking for people to test it, although currently limited to a number of SwissPass users. Should you be interested in becoming a beta tester as we develop and roll out new functionalities then please click on the link below.