25 Sep 2009

Venue: Auditorium Fondation Arditi.Avenue du Mail 1 (Plainpalais) 1205 Genève

Organization: Geneva Environment Network

UNEP, in collaboration with WWF, OCEANA and the State of Geneva, and within the framework of the Geneva Environment Network, showed the film “The End of the Line” on September 25, 2009, at 6:30 p.m. This public premiere in Geneva took place in the Arditi-Wilsdorf Auditorium (Plainpalais).

About the Film

“The End of the Line” is the first major documentary feature film revealing the impact of overfishing on our oceans. The film aims to bring the overfishing crisis to a wider audience and ask critical questions about what is really happening in our oceans and what can be done about it.

“The End of the Line” lays the responsibility squarely on consumers who innocently buy endangered fish, politicians who ignore the advice and pleas of scientists, fishermen who break quotas and fish illegally, and the global fishing industry that is slow to react to an impending disaster. The film also points to solutions that are simple and doable – networks of marine protected areas, well-managed fishing and sustainable seafood.

Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations

An important part of the solution is the reform of harmful fisheries subsidies. Here, the World Trade Organization (WTO) plays an important role: negotiations are currently underway to develop new rules on fisheries subsidies to reduce overfishing and save precious resources. UNEP, WWF and OCEANA support these efforts at the WTO.

The film was preceded by a discussion with Charles Clover, author of “The End of the Line”, as well as with high-level representatives from UNEP and WTO delegations, and the State of Geneva.

For more information on UNEP Economics and Trade Branch activities in the field of fisheries subsidies contact anja.moltke@unep.ch
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