The Geneva Environment Network’s weekly newsletter includes the latest information on the global environmental agenda, main events, job vacancies, learning opportunities, as well as other useful resources and updates. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some live events organized by organizations around the world, contributing to the global environmental agenda, have also been included. Stay tuned and follow us also on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, or visit our website regularly for additional updates.

Due to the developments in the sanitary situation, some institutions in Geneva continue operating virtually. Our update on COVID-19 and the environment lists relevant information, research, data, and press releases on the environmental origins and impacts of the pandemic.

Photo of the week: All United for Earth, Ensemble pour la Terre, De Genève à Glasgow – COP26: mapping on the Palais des Nations façade, from 3 to 12 November 2021.

Climate Action in Glasgow & Geneva

After a first week of intense negotiations, climate talks continue in Glasgow, under the scrutiny of citizens all around the world. Catch up with the ongoing discussions at COP26:

Publications issued last week bringing additional evidence to support the need to act with urgency and ambition include:

Geneva activities in support of climate ambition for COP26 and beyond this week include:

  • The Geneva Cryosphere Hub is hosting a series of events throughout the week on climate science, climate adaptation pathways in mountain regions, COP26 outcomes and more. Check out these insightful events in the full program.
    On Monday 8 November don’t miss A fragile future: can mountain communities adapt to climate change? from 17:15-18:45 CET, at Uni Mail and online, to discuss how climate change threatens the vast high latitude and high altitude cold regions of the world that provide freshwater to over half of humanity, concluding with a networking reception in Geneva. On 12 November, don’t miss the closing session, which looks at the next steps to achieve climate ambition.
  • All United for Earth, from Geneva to Glasgow for COP26 – a joint initiative of UNDP, UN Geneva, the City of Geneva and its Natural History Museum, the Permanent Mission of Switzerland, the Canton of Geneva and the local authorities of Greater Geneva aims at making the residents of Geneva more aware of the issues and solutions relating to climate change and biodiversity loss. A special night discovery tour from the Palais des Nations to the museum will take place on 9 November. Discover the programme from 3 to 12 November.

Greening the Blue: UN Family Walking the Talk

The United Nations is launching the latest edition of the Greening the Blue Report on Monday 8 November, at 10:00 CET. Greening the Blue Report 2021 – The UN system’s environmental footprint and efforts to reduce it, is the first edition to reveal impacts on the UN system’s environmental footprint due to COVID-19. The annual report, prepared by UNEP Sustainable United Nations (SUN) Facility, provides UN system-wide data on the environmental impact areas and management functions identified in the Strategy for Sustainability Managment in the United Nations System 2020-2030, Phase I: Environmental Sustainability in the Area of Management. The full Report and UN entity-specific data will be available online at

Meanwhile, many institutions in Geneva are continuing their efforts to assess and reduce their climate footprint through the 2050Today initiative. New data for each member will be published soon, stay tuned!

Call to Earth Day

On 10 November, CNN International is partnering with thousands of schools, individuals and environmental organizations across the world to hold the first-ever Call To Earth Day, with the aim to create a positive environmental impact and to celebrate those who fight for a healthier planet. On this occasion, CNN broadcast inspirational stories which highlight the urgency of protecting the environment out to more than 370 million households in 200 countries.

There are many ways to take part in this global initiative, whether through discussions, field trips, or art. Get involved with your own project and discover many stories from around the world online with the #CalltoEarth!

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