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UN Environment Multilateral Environment Agreements Knowledge Management Initiative

UN Environment (MEA-KM)
Law Division

International Environment House
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1219 Geneva, Switzerland

+: +41 22 9178377

Eva Duer, LLM | Legal Officer and Team Leader | Multilateral Enviornmental Agreements - Knowlewdge Management |Law Division | UN Environment  |Tel: +41 22 9178377 | Cell: +41 793095547 | e-mail: | | l Skype : evadueratunep|


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Effectively addressing global environmental challenges depends on a well-functioning and coherent governance framework and on a common understanding of each actor’s role and mandate. Enhanced “interoperability” of information and knowledge systems among Multilateral Environmental Agreements and organizations can greatly assist in overcoming institutional fragmentation.

InforMEA harvests and displays COP decisions and resolutions, news, events, MEA membership, national focal points, national reports and implementation plans from Conventions' secretariats and organizes this searchable content around a set of topics. If also offers over 20 free and multilingual introductory courses on Multilateral Environmental Agreement for which certificates can be obtained.

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Organisations intergouvernementales
The MEA Knowledge Management Initiative was established by MEA Secretariats and UN Environment in 2010
The MEA Knowledge Management Team of the Law Division of UN Environment includes two Geneva-based colleagues who are supported from Nairobi.
Co-chairs: Mr. John E. Scanlon, Secretary General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and Ms. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Director, Law Division, UN Environment

Watch the InforMEA video

UN Environment has supported the Multilateral Environmental Agreements Knowledge Management (MEA-KM) Initiative since 2009. Its goal is to improve coherence in the area of information and knowledge sharing for more effective implementation of MEAs. Since 2014, the Initiative's flagship tool,  InforMEA - the United Nations Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements has continuously evolved and improved thanks to the support by the European Union. The InforMEA helps those championing International Enviornmental Law through better access and more comprehensive information on relevant norms and processes (learn more)


Watch the InforMEA video

The MEA KM Initiative - InforMEA

The initiavtive shares information through inter-operable solutions

  • CBD (biodiversity)
  • CITES (Trade in species)
  • ITPGR-FA (plants & crops)
  • Ramsar (wetlands)
  • IPPC (plant protection)
  • UNESCO-WHC (heritage)
  • UNCCD (soil)
  • UNFCCC (climat change)
  •  Montreal Protocol (ozone)
  • Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (chemicals and wastes)
  • Minamata (mercury)
  • (SAICM)-chemicals management
  • UNECE (5 MEAs)
  • Regional Sea Conventions
  • Further regional Conventions (Carpathian, Caspian Sea)


Contractors: IUCN Law Centre, UNITAR, IT company, Legal Resource Init.

UNEP: team in Geneva and support form Nairobi

Donor: European Union

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